On this page, we have shared answers to some common questions that we have received from families about OCV and remote learning.

Can I still register with OCV for this school year (transfer) ?

Unfortunately, the registration period for OCV has closed and we are not able to bring in new students this year.

There are other programs and services that you may want to explore with your current school that may be helpful in your circumstances.  Each OCDSB school has access to a Learning Support Teacher, Social Worker, Psychologist, Itinerant Educational Assistant, and Student Success Teacher. These teams can provide support, counselling, and parent/student coaching on strategies to deal with stresses and anxiety at school. Where appropriate, they can also make referrals to higher level tiered interventions available within the district such as specialized program classes, early intervention programs, and community programs. In very complex cases, the school team may also consider referral to Section 23 Care and Treatment programs if appropriate (see https://coordinatedaccess.ca/referral-process/day-treatment/)

These supports and programs can be discussed with the Principal at your current school. If there are other extenuating circumstances that make in-person attendance impossible (e.g. newly documented medical condition or auto-immune condition), please bring that information forward to your current Principal for consideration.

Other OCDSB programs you may want to be familiar with (For Grade 9-12 students):

There other flexible learning options (such as correspondence courses via ILC, the OCDSB Secondary Alternate Program, or "Winning Attitudes" paid co-op program, or OCDSB eLearning courses (which are "asynchronous" and require no "live" classes)) that may help with your circumstances. These and other options such as specialized program classes, ESL/ELD programming, and intensive support programs for anxiety or other mental health issues can be explored with the Administration and/or Guidance team at your current school. 

Other OCDSB programs you may want to be familiar with (For Grade 7/8 students):

Important Considerations about remote learning with OCV:

  • Moving to OCVSS would be for the entire school year (Sept 2023 - June 2024). There will not be an opportunity to move back to in-person learning this school year.

  • Students must be logged in and actively participating in their virtual class meetings each day from 9 am to 3:10 pm.

  • Students who are not actively participating or who are not meeting their responsibilities as a student will be withdrawn from their courses.

  • Parents/Guardians of remote learners must recognize that by enrolling in remote learning that there are additional needs for supervision, monitoring of work habits/routines, and ensuring daily participation that must be provided for in the home by family members as there are limitations in what a remote teacher can provide in these areas.

  •  Students must be prepared to participate using a webcam and microphone to interact with staff and peers. See Use of Webcam, Audio and Chat Features in OCV Remote Classes

  • Class meetings are the same length/format as in-person learning (300 minutes per day of "live" classes). Students must remain logged in and actively participating/responsive to teachers in order to be considered present.

  • Students must be living in Ottawa full-time in order to remain enrolled in OCVSS. Extended travel is not permitted.

  • Some courses and graduation requirements may require in-person participation at an OCDSB site (to be determined based on the student's course of study). In particular, the OSSLT (Literacy Test) must be completed in-person as part of graduation requirements.

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