Online Expression of Identity Code




Online Expression of Identity Code - September 2022


 Show your style, feel comfortable and respect others. OCVSS Students will observe the following rules when choosing an avatar, symbol, image, or any other representation of themselves:

  • OCVSS recognizes that all students have the right to express themselves fully in school through choosing images that appropriately represent and affirm their varied identities.
  • Images may not depict, promote or symbolize the use of alcohol, tobacco, cannabis or other controlled substances.
  • Images may not depict pornography, nudity or sexual acts, illegal activity or feature profanity.
  • Images may not use or depict bias, prejudice or hate speech targeting individuals or groups based on prohibited grounds of discrimination. 
  • Inappropriate images are prohibited and include but are not limited to anything that has representations and/or language that depict violence, profanity, discriminatory, hateful, or sexually explicit images or sentiments.
  • The above principles apply to all clothing and possessions students may show on their cameras during class.

Please read the full Student Dress Code here:


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